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TrustFlow frequently asked questions

TrustFlow for LiveJournal

Frequently asked questions

What do the results mean?
TrustFlow is making a guess at who is "near" your friends list; who might be on it, but isn't. It does this by looking at your friends list, and the friends list of your friends, and so on.
Is this based on who reads my journal, or interests, or what?
No. TrustFlow looks only at who is on whose friends list to make the determination; no other information is taken into account. In particular, it doesn't know anything about whose journals you are actually reading, or who is reading your journal, except what friends lists tell you.
Are the people listed in any order?
Yes; the numbers are a measure of "distance", so the first person listed is "closest".
How exactly does it determine who to list? What do the numbers mean?
A description of the algorithm appeared earlier in this journal.
I get an error!
Please read the error carefully before telling me about it, and please quote the error exactly - otherwise how can I do anything about it?
I've changed my friends list, but the results haven't changed
When it fetches friends data, it keeps that data for around 24 hours; if you wait about that long after a change you'll see that change reflected in the results.
It doesn't work at all - it lists my worst enemy first!
That means it's working. That person is someone quite close to your circle of friends, who you would list except that you've deliberately decided not to. It can't tell that you don't like them; all it can tell is that they are close enough to your circle of friends that you would list them if you didn't feel that way.

More will be added here as the questions are asked...

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