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I joined Outfoxed (user Id recompiler and vladg).
One of my biggest pet peeves is it that it IS centralized even though it claims not to be. By default when most people join they trust Stan (very very very bad) and Outfoxed (bad but not TOO terrible). Since default length of trust is 3 nodes and Stan and Outfoxed is 2 hops away from anyone (even unwanted and hostile parties). The guy is in a hurry to write something cool and gather data for his masters project and he fucked up. There may have been a lot of growth on the system but the trust matrix is broken from the very start (vs how PGP key signing works). One thing they can try to do to fix it is in a month or so break the trust relationship between Stan and everyone that's not actually his friend and hope people started trusting other users on the system. One fun thing I found is rating the trust of processes on your computer. Out of boredom I added a bunch of random processes to trusted. Then I decided to artificially try to fix it for myself by creating a 2nd account for myself on another system creating high level of trust to my primary account and to my trusted friends and then setting both accounts to ignore/not trust Stan.
I urge everyone to write to the University Stan is in and voice your concerns. There is no shortcut to good data no matter how many front page stories on slashdot you get.

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