Paul Crowley (ciphergoth) wrote in trustmetrics,
Paul Crowley

Hosting and other useful stuff

Around a year after the last version went live, I'm nearly ready to make a new version of TrustFlow available. This version is far faster (it uses iterative approximation eigenvector finding instead of the previous "token-passing" algorithm) and is written in Python; it also has a somewhat slicker user interface (a progress bar!). I'll make the source code available at the same time as I make it live.

I'd like to ask a couple of things of the trustmetrics community.

Hosting: I got an offer of hosting a long time ago, but I don't know if it's still extant. Can anyone offer to host this thing? You'll need a decent sized machine, because it was very popular last time and it might be again; bandwidth charges shouldn't be too bad since it's nearly all text. I'll make sure your name is in lights next to mine on the relevant pages :-)

Animated GIF: Can anyone out there design animated GIFs? I want a nice one to put on the "In Progress" page to indicate "yes, progress is being made on calculating your TrustFlow results". It should be very small, so it doesn't cost much in bandwidth to serve it. I have in mind something like a representation of a network of people, with trust pulsing along the arcs and lighting up the nodes, but feel free to design whatever you think is best.

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