Paul Crowley (ciphergoth) wrote in trustmetrics,
Paul Crowley

Slashdot, and more Bram

TrustFlow for LiveJournal has so for had nearly 70,000 different users, and over 0,6M hits. Users curemytragedy and seph were so curious to know their rankings that they reloaded the page, respectively, 595 and 817 times.

Ask Slashdot | Distributed Trust Metrics asks whether there could be a trust metric that works across websites. The question is vague and I don't think the questioner is all that clear on the ideas behind trust metrics, but if you assume he wants attack resistance, doesn't want a Central Authority of Trust (ie each site can choose its own trust root) and each user should register only once, then I think something like TrustFlow quickly becomes the only option.

More Bram Cohen musings. I don't understand his latest proposal - if everyone devotes all of their water to filling one person's bucket, that person's bucket will fill at rate 1, so long as they are reachable.
You can subscribe to Bram's diary with an RSS feed: bram_advogato. Raph Levien, Advogato founder and trust metric pioneer, is here as raph but his main diary is his Advogato one, available as raph_advogato. Aside: I hate the Advogato diary system, you can't comment on other people's entries and there's no "earlier" button on the diary aggregation page. So there's no good way to track who's talking about what you write. I hope Bram is reading this is all.

Another aside: I think the best possible way to choose multiple winners is to let voters rank entire combinations of winners, and use a Condorcet method to choose the winning combination - or to allow them to give scores to individual candidates and infer a ranking of combinations from that. Computationally expensive though...
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