Steve Kemp (skx) wrote in trustmetrics,
Steve Kemp

Trust metric code?

I'm wondering if there are any existing implementations of trust metrics in isolation?

Right now I have a community based website which I'm very keen to use trust metrics on, (to avoid people with low "trust" being able to do bad things), in a similar way to Advogato.

However I admit I'm hazy on the theory, and would probably do much better looking at some simple code.

mod_virgule is a scary piece of code. So I'm hoping that there are some standalone libraries / samples I can examine for inspiration.

(I'm suprised that CPAN didn't have anything obvious on it.)


I'm liking This explaination a lot. But it can only apply to situations where you have a relationship defined.

I guess this means that "ranking" a user on my site will become equivilent to adding them as a friend on LJ.

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